DATE:  Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 20, 2024

DURATION: 2 Weeks (Plus Extra 2 Weeks for the Free Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy Course)

TIME: 5:30 PM–8:30 PM Daily 

MODE OF DELIVERY: Virtual  / Blended



Successful organisations create projects that produce desired results within established time frames and with assigned resources. As a result, businesses and organisations are increasingly driven to find individuals who can excel in this project-oriented environment.

This uniquely built course gets you off to a smooth start by showing you what projects and project management really are and by helping you separate projects from non-project assignments.

The unique dual course is to deepen learners’ insights into how data generated from a preliminary needs assessment, a feasibility study, and a cost-benefit analysis generates information needed to support the decision to consider a proposed project further.

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Dual-certificate courses are a great opportunity for learners interested in multiple disciplines. In this highly competitive business environment, this customised project management course with its three main tracks is a great combination and an option for participants who have a passion for the following:

  • Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy

IDMC Ghana’s dual professional course in Project and Innovation Management and Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy, amongst other things, aims to:

  • Offer learners the opportunity to acquire thorough and valuable insight into strategies to effectively and efficiently manage any project by integrating five major project management processes: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of innovation management and how to make firms more successful in managing innovation.
  • Familiarise the learners with emerging trends in digital marketing, as well as help sharpen their communication skills to leverage the power of the world’s most advanced platforms and tools to their competitive advantage.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a professional certificate in Project and Innovation Management and another certificate in Digital Marketing and sales Strategy.


  • This course is only suitable for people who are considering undertaking a project in the near future and seeking to learn and apply essential project management knowledge and skills.
  • It is for people who want to learn something new and start a project management or digital marketing career.
  • This course is for professionals actively interested in innovation who wish to improve their knowledge or make innovation happen in their organisation.
  • Whether you work in the public or private sector, as a young start-up or an established multinational, the course will give you the skills to generate and implement innovative ideas.
  • Digital marketing skills are critical for digital marketing professionals and anyone working in a business with an online presence. This includes entrepreneurs, marketers, marketing specialists, and small business owners.
  • Upon completing the course and required activities, you get a digital marketing certification to showcase on your CV and open up new career opportunities.
  • The course is designed to be flexible so you can study conveniently.


Upon completion of this course, you’ll walk away with:

  1. Skills to stay ahead in the fast-changing digital and social media communications landscape.
  2. Ability to identify the key characteristics of a project
  3. Knowledge of primary project constraints and how to manage them
  4. professional skills necessary to function in today’s ever-evolving world’s business and financial environment
  5. Needed quality knowledge that will lead to more efficient scheduling of resources, improved and more reliable estimating of the higher quality of deliverables, early identification of project risks, issues, and problems, and more effective measurement processes to assess success.
  6. Acquired practical ways to explore and understand your goals from the outset of your project and consider all the factors that may affect its execution
  7. Knowledge of how to plan, scope, schedule, cost, and manage your project from beginning to end.
  8. Boosted resume with a stand-out credential in just a few weeks



2 WEEKS (Plus 2 weeks for the free course in Digital Marketing)


Prof. Ebenezer Malcalm – Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Ghana Communication Technology University  (GCTU)

Dr. Priscilla Teika Odoom – Lecturer, Faculty of Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing, GIJ

Dr. Andrew Ayiku -Lecturer University of Professional Studies, Accra, Faculty of Management Studies

Charles Nii Ayiku Ayiku – Lecturer, UPSA

Ken Awuku Esq. – Lawyer and Lecturer

Priscilla NoagbeSeasonings Platform Manager, Nutrition Africa at Unilever

Dr. Stephen Okyere – Senior Lecturer in Procurement, Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Martin Thompson Ntem – Lecturer and Digital Communication Consultant



  • This professional course requires your thirst for knowledge, a desire for self-improvement, a need to learn specific skills, and a want to improve job possibilities.
  • There are no specific academic requirements for this course. Your readiness and availability are what are
  • If you can use a smartphone, you can take any of our courses that interest you.



The typical sequence of study is to spend one week taking each module.

This course can be taken 100% online via ZOOM. The last day of the course can be taken both online and in person at the British Council.

The course features the use of a number of case studies and presentations by facilitators and participants, followed by discussions aimed at helping participants learn all key characteristics of corporate communication.

NB: The course will be taught online in the evenings on Weekdays and both online and in-person on the last day at the British Council.

Call 0206018207 / 0206018208 for quick assistance.

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Chances are good that you’re reading this because you’ve been asked to manage a project or just want to prepare yourself for any project management role.

So, hang on tight — you’ll need new skills and techniques to steer that project to successful completion. But not to worry!

The bundle course is to deepen the insights into how data generated from a preliminary needs assessment, a feasibility study, and a cost-benefit analysis generates information needed to support the decision of whether to consider a proposed project further.

Find out how to identify people who may need to be involved in your project and decide whether, when, and how to involve them. After you know who should be involved, determine who has the authority, power, and interest to make critical decisions along the way.


  1. After an introduction to project management and how to meet key project constraints such as Time, Resources, and Scope without compromising quality, you’ll acquire the professional skills necessary to function in today’s ever-evolving world’s business and financial environment.
  2. Core knowledge and applied skills in project management
  3. Essential communication skills to help you manage a project
  4. Understand the project life cycle
  5. Identify project stakeholders and manage them
  6. Define the role and responsibilities of the project manager
  7. Summarize the key elements of a project plan
  8. Anticipate common sources of conflict within a project environment
  9. Project Stakeholder identification and engagement
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of project management within organizations to deliver successful change.
  11. Demonstrate competence in planning a project within a given organizational context.
  12. Investigate the application of project management methodologies and techniques used to organize and plan project time, cost, resources, and people.

Key Topics to be covered: Understanding Project Management and its Roles, Project Life Cycle, Stakeholder identification and management, Project Elements, Project Phases, Project Triggers etc.




According to Christopher Freeman, as far back as 1982, not to innovate is to die. Innovation has long been argued to be the engine of growth.

Businesses and organizations are bound to fail unless they can keep on innovating. In the age of digital transformation, organizations are faced with the need to innovate more and innovate quickly. Innovation drives business growth and helps organizations stay ahead of their competitors.

The Innovation Management course helps you generate new business models and create new products, services, and technologies designed for the changing market. Knowledge acquired from this course will boost customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

You will find out how to manage innovation and make it happen in your organization after taking this course.


  1. Learn how to utilise creative thinking methodologies to generate new ideas, recognise innovative business opportunities, and solve complex problems.
  2. Explain different types of innovation and innovation dynamics.
  3. Explore the key capabilities that support successful innovation.
  4. Build skills for a career in diverse roles like a director of innovation, new business developer, or social innovation manager.
  5. Be exposed to innovation management and entrepreneurship frameworks to help develop business strategies.
  6. Know factors that impact innovation, such as economic, social, environmental, and technological challenges.
  7. Appreciate the role of markets and customers, including the impact that market changes can have on a company.
  8. Build a highly transferable skill set that can be applied across industries like finance, marketing, healthcare, and beyond.

Key Topics to be covered: Innovation Management Methods, Challenges In Innovation Management, Innovation Strategies, Product Management, Market Research

Product Strategy, Value Proposition and Strategic Advantage, The adoption lifecycle, Idea Management Principles




According to LinkedIn, Digital skills are the most in-demand. Yet there is a big skill gap between the number of businesses searching for digital skills and the skills in the market.

With growing access to the internet in Ghana, and the global communities, smart people have begun to leverage this for online trading, sales, and advertising of products and services.

Think about how to improve your customers’ interactions with your brand. Make it as easy as possible for people to find you online and purchase your products.

The Digital Marketing Strategy course exposes start-ups, agencies, entrepreneurs, and learners to the fundamentals of digital marketing, its opportunities for businesses and individuals as well as how it can be leveraged for growth.


  • Keys to developing a digital marketing strategy
  • and ways to maximize online marketing using available tools like social media and search engines.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Learn to develop a Social Media Plan for a Business or organization
  • Creating a business in a digital space
  • Modern Sales Strategies
  • Ability to build and run your online business presence with Facebook and Instagram
  • Learn to manage Social Media Pages
  • Acquire knowledge of Content Marketing tools and their application
  • Running paid ads effectively
  • Learn to evaluate social media campaigns (Analytics)
  • Learn to run Bulk SMS and Voice SMS campaigns

Key Topics to be covered: Understanding Digital Marketing, How to develop a digital marketing strategy or plan, Social Media Page Management, Social Media Marketing and Advertising, Digital Campaign Planning, Implementation and Evaluation, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing.


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