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If you can hold a phone, you can learn a lot to unlock what’s next in 2023 and beyond. 

It’s now easier than ever to acquire market-relevant soft skills or boost one’s professional career in digital marketing and communications through our myriad of intensive market-focus training offers.

The Institute for Digital Marketing and Communication Ghana is the Nation’s first and leading Open Virtual Corporate University, which teaches people to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

IDMC Ghana offers virtual and in-person professional development training and consultancy services to individuals and organizations in Digital Integrated Marketing Communication.

Built by professionals, for professionals 

With strong relations with industry experts and academics from both Local and International Universities, IDMC Ghana exists to nurture marketing’s future through practical industry-focused training. 

Moving away from curriculum-centered to work-role-centered education, IDMC Ghana supports Marketers, Communicators, Salespersons, Business Owners, and Managers to attain their learning ambitions and help them realize their full potential.

Flexible but accountable experience

Over 80% of learners that start one of our experiences finish them. We balance the flexibility to fit your schedule with features that keep you accountable to ensure you achieve your goals—even when life gets busy.


Our Approach

Our courses are great for moving your skills to the next level and will take you from theory to application in a specific topic.

Designed to use the best digital tools to get the best out of the human minds, our courses are based on the skills we’ve worked with leaders and academics to identify as most important for success now and in the future.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe Professional Development shouldn’t cost a fortune. We lead in providing inexpensive but quality digital training in the whole of West Africa.
  • We believe that skills acquisition or Professional Development should not take you away from other valuable things in life such as family, a job, or a good state of mind. We provide flexible delivery methods in your favour.
  • We believe in practice. Our qualified and experienced facilitators train not for exams but for practical knowledge. In fact, there are no sit-down exams at IDMC Ghana.

Our Focus 

IDMC is an entirely private institution focusing on helping individuals and organizations learn and apply digital marketing communication skills, and is thus not regulated by any government, the ministry of education or any public authority or university. 

The Institute is registered under the laws of Ghana with faculty support from very respectable and experienced academics and industry players whose profiles are boldly published on this website. 

Our Team

Meet Our Dependable Team

Our Core Admin Team
Modestus Fosu

Prof. Modestus Fosu

Lead Facilitator
Martin Thompson Ntem

Martin Thompson Ntem, MPhil.

Director, Training and Innovation
theodora kwening idmc ghana

Theodora Kwening

Programs Manager
NAOMI Enyonam Agbokpah

Naomi Enyonam Agbokpah

Clients / Learner Service Executive
Daniel Ofori Nyarko

Daniel Ofori-Nyarko Jnr

Alumni Relations Officer
Ohene Judith Adumeah

Ohene Judith Adumeah


What is a Professional Development Certificate?

A professional development certificate is a document that verifies that an individual has completed a professional development program or training course. These certificates are typically issued by educational institutions or training organizations and are designed to demonstrate that the recipient has acquired specific skills, knowledge, and competencies related to their profession.

Professional development certificates may be awarded for completing a variety of training programs, such as workshops, seminars, online courses, or in-person training programs. The content of the training programs can vary widely, depending on the industry and the specific skills or knowledge that are being targeted. For example, a professional development certificate might be awarded for completing a course in project management, financial planning, or marketing.

Professional development certificates can be useful for individuals who want to enhance their knowledge or skills in a particular area, or for those who need to demonstrate that they have met specific training requirements in their profession. Additionally, professional development certificates can be a valuable asset when seeking employment, as they demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

What is the importance of such certificates?

Professional development certificates are important for several reasons:

Verification of Skills and Knowledge: Professional development certificates serve as tangible evidence that an individual has completed a training program and has acquired a specific set of skills or knowledge. This can be valuable when seeking employment or pursuing career advancement opportunities.

Demonstrates Commitment to Professional Development: By earning a professional development certificate, individuals demonstrate their commitment to continuous learning and improvement. This can be attractive to employers who value employees who take the initiative to improve their skills and knowledge.

Enhances Professional Credibility: Professional development certificates can enhance an individual’s professional credibility, particularly in fields where ongoing training and development are highly valued. This can lead to increased opportunities for career advancement and higher salaries.

Meet Industry Standards: In some industries, such as healthcare or education, professional development certificates may be required to meet licensing or certification requirements. In these cases, earning a professional development certificate is essential to maintaining professional credentials and practicing legally.

Networking Opportunities: Professional development programs often provide opportunities for individuals to network with others in their field, share ideas and best practices, and gain exposure to new trends and technologies. This can lead to valuable connections and future career opportunities.

Overall, professional development certificates are important for individuals who want to stay current in their field, demonstrate their commitment to professional growth, and enhance their career opportunities.

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