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There are two ways to register. You either register your interest by clicking on the REGISTER NOW AND PAY LATER button on the course page where you will fill a form and pay later OR you click on the REGISTER AND PAY NOW button also on the homepage to register and make instant payment.

Payment for our courses can be done on our website using MOMO on all networks or VISA Card. Organisations and Groups can also pay through the bank. You can also request to make a direct Mobile Money transfer or visit the office to pay in cash.

You use coupons codes if you have one at the point of payment by typing the coupon code in a space created for that. If applied correctly the amount to be paid reduces according to the percentage offer of the discount.

We offer on-demand capacity building and training for organizations.

We offer only professional courses that require your thirst for knowledge, a desire for self-improvement, a need to learn specific skills, and want to improve job possibilities. If you can use a smartphone, you can take any of our courses that interest you.

Our courses are thought using the principles of Adult Learning Theory which takes into consideration factors such as lack of time, self-doubt, neuroplasticity, Financial barriers and Contradiction. Our facilitators, who have thought at almost all levels have a special way of carrying everyone along.

IDMC Ghana has a support team that is ready to support you from the registration stage through to the time you collect your certificate and even beyond. They make sure you will have all the necessary documents, links, or recourses you need on the course.

We have an after-training-support which comes at no extra cost. Learners can access the learning resources for life as well as get access to the facilitators at least two months after the training for any kind of support. Our digital marketing hub is available for the use of our Alumni.

About Our Courses

No. We don’t believe in exams. We believe in practice. This is professional development training and our focus is more on practical understanding and application as well as skills acquisition rather than sit-down exams which are mostly characterized by “chew and pour”. There are however capstone projects to test what you have learned.

Yes. Certificates are awarded after the successful completion of the courses. If the course has an in-person session and you happen to attend, you can pick up the certificate on the last day. If the course is 100% online, your certificate will be printed and sent delivered to you in hardcopy wherever you are.

No prior experience with digital marketing is required but it can be very helpful. No prior experience with digital marketing is required but it can be very helpful. We take you from scratch when it comes to digital marketing so there are no fears about lack of experience. We appreciate the fact that it’s a new field and that’s why we exist to help you catch up.

The truth is our courses are packed and intensive. What you need is
Passion & Commitment as well as the following: General Knowledge In Computing; Laptop (Optional) – A Smartphone with Internet Connections can be a good alternative.

Our courses take a minimum of 15 hours of teaching. That is a maximum of 3 hours on weekdays in the evenings. (From Wednesday to Friday) and about 6 hours on Saturday.
However, each course comes with its own required hours.

After the training, you will be added to an alumni platform where job and internship opportunities are shared with you.

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